Bug in UI about task assignee?

I have created a User Task and assigned it to an “adju01” user in the BPMN (using task.setAssignee() using a task listener attached to CREATE event, not using the UI).

  1. TASK UI
    1.1 In the TASK UI, I can see my User TAsk assigned to “adju01” => ok
    1.2. BUT when I click on this task, the UI says that it is not assigned

    2.1 In the Admin UI, I can see my User Task in the task list, and there’s no assignee

    2.2 BUT when I click on it, I can see now that the assignee is set to “adju01”

Am I missing something or is there a bug in the UI?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Which version of flowable you are using ? Are you deploying the war as docker?