Boundary Events and Flowable Modeler

I am seeing an issue with the Flowable Modeler tool where the boundary event loses its reference to the parent task. For example, if I have a user task and I have boundary event attached to it, when I export the process, the xml will be missing the “attachToRef” attribute on the boundary event. To get around the issue I have been added attachToRef every time I modify and export.

Hey Robert,

Is this on 6.2.1?


Hi Robert,

The boundary event is sometimes not actually attached to the parent task. You can always check this by dragging the parent task in the Modeler, the boundary event should also move with it then. When the boundary event is attached correctly in the Modeler, the attachedToRef attribute will definitely be present in the BPMN XML.

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Yes. This is version 6.2.1


This was the case. Once I dragged the boundary event over the parent task it turned green allowing you to attach it. When I exported, the xml was correct.