Avoid the error of the mail

I would like to know how to prevent from making a mistake in sending an email if the necessary data are missing. If I don’t have the necessary data in the context, I would like it to go ahead anyway, without sending the email.

I tried to insert a Boundary Error Event that continues in the event of an error, but does not continue at all, it stops at the error.

Could you tell me how to solve? Thank you.

Nobody answers? Possible? :smiley:

I noticed that in the modeler it is not possible to add the Ignore Exception variable, which I can use locally, as soon as I deploy on the modeler this eliminates the field because it doesn’t see it.
I added the field to stencilset.json. I also see it in the modeler, but the content does not value the attribute.

This depends on your use case. The easiest would be to detect the exception and have an exclusive gateway that either goes to the mail task or not.

Can you elaborate on what you mean with ‘necessary data’ and in what context?

Hello and thank you for having replied,
If i use boundary element, the exception is thrown anyway and I don’t want it. I tried to use the ‘ignore exception’ variable but apparently it is not available in the modeler.

In the mail there are cases in which I haven’t the ‘to’ information, and if it’s absent the MailTask ​​launches to FlowableException.