Auto deploy process files: Flowable+Spring Boot

I have created Flowable process using Spring Boot integration. The default location, for the *.bpm20.xml files is under src/main/resources/processes for the Flowable engine to deploy when the Spring boot app is run.

Is there a way to allow Flowable to auto deploy whenever I put in a new bpmn20.xml file? Also, is there a way to externalize the default location for the bpmn process so that the Spring boot jar does not need to be repackaged every time I add a new file?

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Hey @petreska.ani,

The property is already externalised. Have a look at the flowable.process-definition-location-prefix property in the Spring Boot Flowable Properties section of our documentation.

The default location in is classpath*:/processes/, but you can change this to something on the file system file:/location/to/processes. This way you don’t need to repackage the application. Keep in mind that you do need to redeploy it.

Having said and not knowing what you are trying to achieve there is a way to deploy a bpmn file or an app to Flowable during runtime over the REST and Java API.


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Thank you very much, for the quick reply

Hi, can you please help… im not able to auto deploy my bpmn files even though I have added them in process folder.

The correct foldername is ‘processes’, not ‘process’.

Is there any auto reloading feature built-in that would detect changes to the processes directory and apply them in runtime?

Hey @suzaku,

Currently there is no built-in auto reloading feature. However, I don’t see that it is difficult to write one. If you are interested you can also provide a PR for such a feature.