Association for Http Task in CMMN

We can configure a human task t2 to be triggered on completion of a previous human task t1 using entry criterion on t2 and association connected to t1.
But how we can achieve this on completion of a http task. I’m trying to achieve this.
On completing http task, human task t1 should be triggered.
But i’m not able to add an association to the http task in the UI.
When i try to add it explicitly in the model xml, its working.
Is this functionality left out intentionally in the UI?

Hey @vamshichanda,

This should be possible (in the same way it is doable between 2 other human tasks).
However, it seems that there was some kind of a bug which has been now fixed in HttpTask and MailTask should be able to have an association · flowable/flowable-engine@b3e26a8 · GitHub

Now you can do



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