Assignment in Modeler does not assign to users

Hi Mate,

I already assign to user/group when creating BPMN Process. However when I creating task it is assign to nobody. Please help.


Hi Michael,
for me it looks like you have selected a couple of candidates. That does not mean that the task is assigned to all of them. You can go in the task app and have a list of all tasks where you are the candidate for. By simply clicking on the task you can “claim” for the task and then the task is assigned to you.

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Thank you Valentin for the reply.

I already try to claim the task, however when the task is claimed, it is not shown to other user. Is there any clever way to add multiple collaborator rather than adding user one by one as the screenshot below?


Hi Michael,
what’s the use case behind that? When you claimed the task, why do you expect that this task is visible to the other users as well?


Hi Valentin, the use case for this is to report the sales or maybe CRM. I wish in the first process everyone can report on the same form/maybe multiple form and they can proceed to the next step independently. Thank you.


Instead of adding candidate users individually, you can assign a task to a group and all the users in that group can now see the task “before it is claimed”. Once a user from that group claims it, no other user of that group can see it. If you want same task to be seen by multiple people and they can fill the same form but individually i.e. each users form is submitted and saved individually, you can search for multi instance tasks(which actually created copies of the task multiple times which each task having new task id.).
You cannot save each users input into same task, bcoz it will override the data entered by previous user.

Arpit Agrawal