Add New Stencil to BpmnJsonConverter


I have adapted my HttpActivityBehaviourImpl in order to add some Authorization header. It all works fine. I did not have to adjust the HttpTask at all. Now I am trying to also change the flowable designer to be able to inject this flowable field httpActivityBehaviorClass. In order to do this I believe we need to add some BpmnJsonConverter. Is it possible to do this in some dynamic way without have to change the source code. Add a new MyCustomHttpJsonConverter or something? And then register it?

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Hey @SamMartens,

Are you asking about Flowable Design (the enterprise offering) or Flowable Modeler (the OSS UI Application).

If it is about Flowable Design I would suggest to go through the Flowable Service Desk with your account.

If it is about Flowable Modeler, then currently there is no easy way to add a dynamic converter.


P.S. If you want to do this for all Http Tasks then I think you don’t even need a custom converter. You can instead do it with a BpmnParseHandler in the runtime. Look at CustomUserTaskBpmnParseHandler as an example.