Activiti Explorer



I have a questions about Activiti Explorer.

What is the future of the Explorer app? Are you planning to do something similar?

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Hi Livio,

In Flowable 6 we have the Flowable Task application that provides similar functionality as the Explorer. The Modeler app is now separated into its own app, same for the admin application. In Flowable 5, there’s still the Explorer.

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Hi Tijs,

thanks for your answer. I try Flowable Task and Flowable Admin, it si no bad, but I’m looking for something that can show the history of the process (show the way the process went…etc.).
Perhaps the Flowable Task/Admin this functionality does not support?

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In the task app, you can filter for completed process instances. If you then click the ‘show diagram’, it shows the executed path.


Hi Joram,

thanks for your answer. I’ve used the old version (6.1.0), but in the new version (6.1.1) it is OK. If I click on the ‘show diagram’ it shows executed path. It’s great.