Activate a signal using signal id instead of signal name?

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Is it possible to reference a signal using it’s ID instead of Name? I see the following code in the docs, but it all references the signal name.
RuntimeService.signalEventReceived(String signalName, String executionId);

I’d like to do something like:
RuntimeService.signalEventReceived(String signalId, String executionId);

The reason for this is I’d like to have a semantic name for visual diagramming, one that I can update freely without changing my app code, while using a static unique signal id like “834517” to activate the signal via API.

Another option that would work for me with the same use case would be if I could trigger a receive task event while specifying the Id of that event (right now there it seems there is no way to specify which receive task I’m targeting via Id). This is the command I see in the docs to move past a receive task:
runtimeService.trigger(String executionId)



In the BPMN XML the signal id is just a reference for the signalRef attribute. So the signal name is used to store the signal reference in the event subscription table. We could add another column in the event subscription table to also include the signal / message id, and then we could also expose the method you are looking for. WDYT?

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Hi tijs, that sounds great! What would be an ETA on something like that?

Ok, if you could create a Github issue so we can track it.
I think we can include this in the 6.3.0 release of Flowable. There’s no target release date defined yet, but I expect it to be in February 2018.

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