A way to choose assignee identifiers for executing sub-processes

I’ve checked this topic : How to assign as sub-process initiators, users/groups that have been selected in a form but its answer had not been verified (and I could not verify it neither).

What I want to do is just build a simple process with dynamic numbers of sub-processes which assignee will be specified dynamically according to the choices made in start form. Actually, the number of sub-processes is exactly same as selection in start form. For example, I’ve choose 3 user identifiers of A,B,C, and there will be 3 sub-processes that one assigned to A, one assigned to B and another assigned to C.

However, after a long time trying, I found the identifier string “A”(same as B and c) has only be treated as a TextNode and the assignee is a string identifier ‘“A”’ not the real identifier ‘A’. When I debugged my flowable installation, I evaluated at source code JsonIndexVariableType#setValue and built a new ObjectNode with : {“jsonValue”:{“id”:“A”} and it finally show me the exactly user A in sub-process instance.

I’m eager to know the practical method to achieve this goal, any help would be appreciate.

Just put ${user.textValue()} instead of ${user} solved this problem. Please check : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62005402/how-to-assign-string-identifiers-selected-in-form-to-sub-processes-in-flowable-3/62013771#62013771