Workflow Diagram is Not Displayed

We have created a flow and published the flow as an app. When a process is initiated, Show Diagram dialog box does not show the Workflow diagram fully (only the pool and the swim lane is displayed, but no activity boxes or flow arrows are displayed.
The main reason we are using Flowable is to track the process steps through this diagram. Any help is appreciated.

Refer to the below screenshot:

No errors in the Flowable Task Docker Logs.
Chrome console error is below.

The application screenshot in Modeler:

Hi Shamal.

I can see that you are using debugger - that’s good to know. :slight_smile:

Is diagram displayed without debugger? If not I would say there is a problem in diagram rendering. (It should be so according to console output).


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Hi @martin.grofcik,
The flow diagram is not displayed correctly with debugger turned off as well.
I believe it is a bug in the diagram rendering. When I removed my data objects from the model, the diagram rendered correctly.

Below is the BMPN20.xml elements I removed.

Showing a diagram with any data object type other than a string is broken in 6.4.2. It is already fixed in master and will be released with 6.5.0.


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Hi @wwitt,
When will the v6.5.0 be released? We are using the Docker version and not building from source.