Where do I find documentation about "application"?

I mean the definitions deployment package that can exported and imported as BAR that is called “application” (as is everything else, this needs a better more distinctive name). And the use of that. There is nice a documentation section for each “service” but there is no document section for “application” nor can I it’s API documentation be found anywhere. except digging up the swagger docs. And in general documentation about the so called “application” not just the BAR file or just the API.

See: https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/issues/2541#issuecomment-670221182

@Robinyo you link underlines the issue:
The “app” documentation is bits and pieces here and there and term “application” is VERY confusing as most of “application” documentation talks about the WAR “things” that you can use to run the Flowable.

As that posting indicated there is side mention of “app/” folder where .bar files containing the app are automatically uploaded BUT there is no property to set that locaton is you need to, like there are for all other “services” (form, process,case, dmn)

  1. “app” needs a better more distinctive name like; “model”, “suite”, “foo” (“foo.bar” :wink: ) …
  2. It need to be promoted as first class concept or a service alonside with process, case, forms, dmn, idm
  3. As 1st class concept it should have it’s own Documention section and configuration parameters. (the undocumented api already exists)
  4. As 1st class concept it should have it’s own properties (maybe those also exist, but are undocumented)
  5. Maybe It’s file name produced by the modeller could be distinctive “*.foo.bar” or ".fullbar"so it is more distinctive of the forms and process bar files.