Where can I create a message (reference) in flowable-ui?

Hello there!

Where in the UI can I create a message ID so that I can reference that in a message-boundary-event?

I don’t see any “add” button when I open the attributes of a message-boundary-event?

Can someone tell me how to add a message?

Thank you

Maybe there are some restrictions, because you are a newcomer?

Sorry for any confusion, but I downloaded and used the Open Source version of Flowable.


I deployed the flowable-ui.war inside a Tomcat application server and in the modeler, I can’t find any button to add a message. So that this message can be referenced, for example, in a boundary event.

Hi Dominik, you can add a message definition on the process level. So in a new diagram click somewhere in the whitespace and look for the property ‘message definitions’. Click on it to add a new definition.