What is the standard way to get a list of Activity Definitions that make up a process Definition?

We need to know when our app starts up what are all of the various User Task (Activity) that the process is made up of. I have looked through the API and once I have my processDefinition I can call
and buried in there is my process and a flowelementlist where I eventually see my defined UserTask objects

but is this the best and a stable way to get this? I would have expected a createActivityDefinitionQuery or createTaskDefinitionQuery on one of the services so I could get this defining information.

the TaskQuery and TaskInfoQuery both seem to be concerned with running task instances, not the list of defined tasks for a process


Hi Amalyc.

For now this is the way how you can get user tasks definitions easily.
I do not know about any initiative to provide queries for the tasks in definitions.


The closest would be the org.flowable.bpmn.model.Process.findFlowElementsOfType method, but that doesn’t query cross-models.

Hi Martin,

How to get user task definitions from the process definition?


Hi, you can get Process model and search in it for flow elements. (e.g. with org.flowable.bpmn.model.Process#findFlowElementsOfType(java.lang.Class))



Sorry for using this old thread to ask this, but I would like to know if it is possible to get this kind of information using the REST API?
I couldn’t find one method for this.

Thank you.

No AFAIK. Sorry.
But you can add your own rest endpoint.

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