What can the "layout" key in Form .json file be used for?


I’m new to Flowable (and process engines in general), and I would like to modify the layout of my form.

I generated a form with the Flowable Form Editor and in the resulting .json file for each form field it says
“layout”: null

Haven’t been able to find any documentation on this, information on what are the allowed values and what they do would be appreciated.


Hi Bernt,

The layout property was used in an enterprise version of the Form editor to have a 12 column layout. In Flowable open source we are not using this property at the moment.

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Hi Tijs,

Thanks for reply.

There is an extension for Flowable called Flowable Core Extender Pack that became available recently, which gives advanced Forms engine and Forms design, https://flowable.com/platform/flowable-core/ at bottom of page.

Does this include support for tables and embedded images?