Wait on event registry event

Hey All,
I am new to flowable. I have a use case that I think can be modeled via flowable.
I have events flowing in Kafka, each event has a different topic and pre-defined structure.
I have read about the channels, events, and event registry. I have registered my events and channel definitions in the event registry.

Let’s say we have two events named addedToCart and orderPlaced events. I want to start my journey with the addedToCart event. After receiving the addedToCart event, I want to wait for orderPlaced event for 1 hour. if orderPlaced event is received within 1 hour, then execute a service task, otherwise execute a http task.

Most of the flow is clear to me, only problem i am facing in modeling is to wait for an event registry event for a specific time period.

Can someone help me in achieving this ?

Hello @nitinjainzepto,
did you tried to use a Timer Boundary Event ?

Thank you

Yes, I tried the timer boundary event it worked. The issue was we could not attach the timer boundary event to the intermediate catch event registry event, So what I did is I created a subprocess having a start node and intermediate catch event and attached the timer boundary event to it.

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