User Task/Form Key is not persisted

The designer saves the User Task Form Key to activiti:formKey. The engine expects it in: flowable:formKey.

To replicate:

  1. Open a process with a User Task
  2. Set the Form Key
  3. Open the diagram in an XML editor
  4. Inspect the userTask - activiti:formkey will be set to the value not flowable.formKey


The engine accepts both activiti:formKey as well as flowable:formKey.

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It actually only accepts the flowable:formKey - that is how I ran into
the issue… activity:formKey was not returned in the API call after we
switched to Flowable.

That must be related to another issue, because we do parse both activiti as well as flowable namespace prefixes. Can you share the BPMN XML that wasn’t working for you with the activiti:formKey attribute?

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Here is what the plugin generates:

<userTask id="conciergeDashboardUserTask" name="Concierge Dashboard " activiti:formKey="concierge-dashboard"></userTask>

This is not returned by the api call:


Where as if I change the userTask element to:

   <userTask id="conciergeDashboardUserTask" name="Concierge Dashboard " xmlns:flowable="" flowable:assignee="$INITIATOR" flowable:formKey="concierge-dashboard"></userTask>

it works but you have to manually set flowable:formKey using an xml editor.

I tried it here, but can’t reproduce.
What’s the xml namespace configured at the top of the xml file?