Use Kotlin DSL for form and process definitions

I think it would be not a bad idea to switch to Kotlin DSL for form and process definitions.
(As well as email template)
Currently it is JSON (and freemarker for emails).

What do you think?



It’s not something that I’ve heard suggested before. We’ve always found JSON to be what people like as it’s well supported in a wide range of languages and environments. There is another thread about supporting other emerging JSON representations of process definitions: Support process definitions in JSON format


I think Kotlin DSL is way superior option. It is compilable and it has strong IDE support.

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I think it would be nice to have a Kotlin DSL for forms and process definitions. Do you want to contribute such a Kotlin DSL?

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As we’re now finally free of the old legacy “workflow” engine and looking to implement this part anew, I find this also a tempting option, but also probably harder to implement than JSON.
Sounds like a pluggable workflow configuration would be helpful, like a WorkflowBuilder/Parser, what do you think @tijs ?

btw great to see 6.0 finally out, just found out now by revisiting this topic:)

I’d like to help out with this. I just recently started using Kotlin in production and am loving it.