Update asyncExecutorNumberOfRetries for flowable 6.1.2

Hi All,

I am using flowable 6.1.2 and I want to update the engine configuration for number of retires for asyncExecutorNumberOfRetries.

Issue: I want to stop the process instance when having any kind of error,
I am using Intermediate timer catching event at the starting of the workflow, which holds the workflow for few minutes and then I have different service worker, now I want to handle the error case, where I have to stop the current process instance when any error occurs,

I have also checked that the default value is 3 and I want to set it to 1 so that I am able to stop the current process instance.

If you have any other solutions for stopping the current instance then also suggest me.

Thanks in advance.

I would advise to update to the latest version (6.6.0 at the time of writing). That version you’re using is quite old and many improvements and fixes have been made since.

You can configure the number of retries on engine configuration level.

Typically this is solved by having an error catch event on the boundary of a subprocess (around all relevant steps) and throwing a BpmnError in the service task that went wrong.