Unfound spring beans after timer intermediateCatchEvent


I found a strange behaviour while developing a workflow :

Context :
i have a Spring bean heriting from JavaDelegate defined in my flowable-context.xml my workflow is mainly a receiveTask that acts as a waitState and there is a boundaryEvent attached to it. The boundaryEvent is non-cancelling and does treatments when a message arrive.
In the workflow path triggered by the boundaryEvent there is a a timer defined as an intermediateCatchEvent that lasts 10s.

Problem :
I tried to use my spring bean (with a service task using a delegateExpression) at different places in the boundaryEvent path and what occured is that before the intermediateCatchEvent the bean is found correctly but after the intermediateCatchEvent it cannot be found by the engine and i get an error !

Is it a bug or do i miss something in my code ?

Thanks !

No, there is nothing that could explain that, as resolving the bean is always the same logic that is called.
Can you post the two snippets of xml of where this bean is used?