Translation in Crowdin

I tried to translate the resources of Crowdin project to Japanese. Now I cannot find an untranslated message anymore. But the status of ‘Japanese’ is still 91% (not 100%).

Actually I’m not sure that was the proper place to start this work or if I can ask a question of the Crowdin project here. Could someone tell me what I can do next to contribute in translation?

Afaik, we haven’t done anything with Crowdin. Can you point to what you are referencing?

I meant this.

I checked, but that doesn’t seems to be owned by the Flowable team. So no idea to be honest why it’s not showing 100%. Also, as we don’t check this resource, we’d need the files in the typical property file format.

If anyone has more information, feel free to add. This is the first time I see this site :-).