Timer Jobs are getting stuck and never picked up


I am having issues with timer jobs in my flowable process. Sometimes timer jobs are moving to job table and those are getting stuck in that table forever. Its not being picked up by flowable and executing automatically.
Also sometimes timer jobs are locking up and those never being picked up.

We had to execute these jobs manually using flowable api.

Am I missing any configuration?? Please help.

FYI, I am using flowable version 6.5.0

Thank you,

Hey @srikanth.gandrakota,

We’ll need a bit more information. You’ll need to check the logs around the period of the behaviour.

Can you also share the configuration that you have?

In addition to that, we would suggest upgrading to 6.6.0, since it is the latest released version on Maven Central and there have been different bug fixes between 6.5.0 and 6.6.0.