The possibility of getting the current task key after transition in a transaction that is not yet commited

I want to know if is possible to get the current task key from the current transaction that is not yet commited
My use case is :
(A snapshot of a bpmn file)

delegateExpression="{transitionCat}" event="start"> <flowable:field name="courrierBpmn" expression="{courrier}" />

The delegateExpression (transitionCat) in my case is a Service Bean (spring boot environment), inside the method notify, I try to transit another process and update Elasticsearch with its workflow state, but I have this problem, the transaction is not yet commited so when I call this method after the transaction, I don’t get the latest workflow state


so please how can I get the current workflow state after the transaction that is not yet commited.

Hi OumaimaKabouri,

use ${task} expression to get your task. The object is injected there.