TaskInfoQuery or() method doesn't work

So I have this task query


The idea is that I’m fetching ALL the tasks (even completed or cancelled ones) for a given assignment group within a target date range (the range determined by the fiscal year start and end dates). The problem is that I now need to adjust the assignment portion of the query to work under an OR situation (either assignee OR targetUser, where assignee can be a group of users but targetUser is always exactly one user).

I was digging through the documentation for the historic task instance query API and found that the API it inherits from has the or() and endOr() function, which supposedly would let me do this. But any attempt to implement this approach throws a compiler error because it doesn’t like the or() command in there. This could be due to the language I’m using (I have this written in ColdFusion, which runs a JVM under the hood so Flowable does actually execute and all other APIs are fine). But that said, I’m not sure if this is an API feature that actually works or is just indicated in the documentation as being something you could use.

Another thought I’m wondering…is this something I can work around using a different approach? I have no idea what the native query would even look like, because I need access to so many of the tables to get the task and process instance variable data (and the historical versions to boot).

Couldn’t find this one posted before, either. Any help is appreciated.