Task Delegation/Substitution Rules in Flowable

Dear Flowable experts,

We are searching for functionality where it would be possible for the users to define rules for their substitutes. As a result, if a user A defines a user B as his substitute for a particular time period then, during this period, the user B would also be able to act as if he is in a candidate user list of all the tasks where user A is a candidate (even though he is not).

Do you see anything in Flowable which could be utilized to this end?

Thank you very much!

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No, there’s currently nothing in Flowable for that. However, for Flowable the assignee, owner, candidate users, etc. are all just strings. So this can be solved in your services that call onto Flowable. I.e. when doing the task queries, a lookup of actual user information can be done before it’s passed into the task query.

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Thank you, @joram!
Yes, we investigated also the delegation feature, but it’s something completely different. So, going a similar way, as you proposed.