Swagger REST API definitions in flowable 6.3.0 - incompletely generated?

It seems to me in Flowable v6.3.0 with the “flowable-rest.war” the wrong swagger specfiles are distributed/generated in
for the “content”, “dmn”, “form” and “idm” API.

For example

seem correct/complete to me - perhaps a “contract first” approach for the future?

In the build process of “flowable-app-rest” module the swagger-maven-plugin is used to generate a swagger API description for the form API based on
which results in a generated swagger definition with no endpoints included, whereas
seems to work and produces a meaningful definition with lots of endpoints/resources.

The corresponding swagger definitions are served from the “flowable-rest” app on

I don’t yet understand the “big-picture” from an architectural point of view, so probably I miss out a important detail.

Hope you can enlighten :slight_smile:

Regards, Andreas.

Can confirm this problem. Are there any news?

It seems that they are missing. This is a mistake on our side. I have created #1008 in order to fix this