Support for Transient Variables for a Call activities

Hi All,

In our application we are make call from one process to another process using call-activity. While making this all we are passing some of the variables from 1st process to another, we have marked the variables as transient while passing it from 1st process to another, but still we see that those variables data is getting persisted in the Flowable database. Kindly let me know if I am making some mistake or this is the expected behavior.

Sample xml:

<flowable:in sourceExpression=“false” target=“continueOnError”/>
<flowable:in sourceExpression="${Inpp}" target=“In” transient=“true”/>
<flowable:out source=“Out” target=“invokeWorkflowk3yrlOhaH_Out” transient=“true”/>

I’m not sure I follow the setup yet:

  • where do you set the variable initially?
  • you pass in those variables to a call activity and mark these as transient?

Ah now I remember, there was this bug which we fixed recently: Fix call activity inherit variables making transient vars persistent … · flowable/flowable-engine@9bf2314 · GitHub