Subscribe to mailing list


I looked around on the website to subscribe on a mailing list but couldn’t find it.
Any way i can receive updates on Flowable by mail?

Don’t want to be spammed, but checking the website every day just to check if version 6.0.1 is released is not optimal :slight_smile:

Things I’m interested in:

  • new releases
  • new manuals and how to’s,
  • important bugs



We currently do not have a mailinglist.
But you could subscribe to the RSS feed; .
And / Or follow the core team members on twitter. (
This way you’ll be notified with future updates.





your RSS feed is no longer available.

Is there any replacement to follow your blog?



Thanks for pointing that out. Hadn’t notice it yet to be honest.
There was an issue with the feed generation apparently. This should be fixed now.

Thanks again.