Start process instance behalf of someone else

I want to start a process instance on behalf of someone else; I am using rest API to start a process by using “processDefinitionId” as basic authentication of admin account.

API: /flowable-rest/service/runtime/process-instances




If you login as someone else, the process instance will be started by someone else.

Try to login as user/test.


Hi Martin, I want to login as admin and start the process on behalf of someone else,
normally when in postman, basic authentication is admin/test,
and on call of API : /flowable-rest/service/runtime/process-instances;
with body :- {



output is:-

“startUserId”: “admin”,

but I want response as:-
“startUserId”: “to someone one (eg: Bibek)”.

Let me know if I achieve that, and sending extra in body or doing something else.

Hi Martin, even after setting "“startUserId” as someone else, in started by I see admin admin id.

what is the variable associated with “Started by:” in backend?

Out of the box rest service uses currently logged user to start the process. You can implement/modify your own service to start a process instance on behalf of somebody else.