Spring Boot with flowable.history-level=full doesn't seem to be working

I have using Flowable inside spring boot. In application.properties, I set:


This doesn’t seem to be working. Once a process completes. I am seeing no data in the history (ACT_HI_) tables. I assume the engine is using NONE for history-level from somewhere, but can’t see to override it.

Any ideas?

Spring Boot 2.1.5, flowable 6.4.1

After putting the debugger on the flowable code, I was surprised to find the code showed the BPMN had:

<flowable:historyLevel xmlns:flowable=“http://flowable.org/bpmn”></flowable:historyLevel>

Once I removed that, the engine history level worked.

That’s strange and shouldn’t happen. How did you create the process model?

I created it via the flowable modeler web app.