Set Task Description from Process started from REST API

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I’m starting a Process instance REST Call, but I have not found how to assign a description to the first process task.
Surely, I have not well understand how it works and how tasks pick description from the preocess.

Can you give me some direction in how to Task description are resolved.

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The documentation field in the Flowable Designer is used for the User Task description.

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Hi Tijs,

Thanks a lot !

How can I change de DESCRIPTION FIELD for each new processes started.

I need replace the DESCRIPTION FIELD with another FORM FIELD that has been entered by the user.

hi sergiosiqueira,

Why don’t you use process variables to meet your needs during the engine operation?

Hi zhiyin!

I dont know to use the process variables.

Can you send-me hiperlink with examples?


In the user guide you can see how to use variables / expressions in a user task:

The user task documentation element will be set as the description of a task.
The exact same thing you can do for a process as well. You can define an expression based on input variables to render the custom description value for the process instance.

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