Send case instance id in Http Task Request Body


In Cmmn modeler how may I send the case instance ID in the body of my httpTask request using expressions ?
for information in bpmn when I extract the xml I find in request Body
flowable:expression and in Cmmn I find flowable:string ??
I tried ${} or ${caseInstance.caseDefinitionId} but I receive it always as string not the value behind I mean the expression is not executed before getting sent.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @poly,

Have a look at our reply in How to access the attributes of an http response in another http task? - #10 by joram


thanks but it wasn’t about post http task, it’s before the http task just the variable to use wasn’t clear.
Now we made it done just we have still the problem of the BUG in modeler about the expression ` .
If you have any updates about it would be really nice