Sample Flowable Application

I created sample Spring Boot + Flowable application project on github.
:x: How easy…. The project is not about how easy it is to implement BPM, Low Code, Business Automation, … :exploding_head: .
:white_check_mark: I want to show, where the bottle necks are.

Step 1 Basic Spring Boot app opens the first topic - tests.

             .extracting("name", "value") 
             .containsExactly(Tuple.tuple("initiator", null)); 


             .hasVariableWithValue('initiator', null) 

Step 2 is dedicated to variables

If you want to contribute with your bottleNeck, please create an issue, or even better contribute to the project. The next step can address your problem.

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I added possibility to automatically download application model from cloud designer.

$ ./mvnw generate-resources -PdownloadModel
  • downloads the application model from flowable cloud designer,
  • unzips the content to allow local changes,
  • zips models to deployable bar file again.

How to test versioning?

test project
broader context

Use case:
e.g.: The data structure for variable stored in the process instance has changed in the time.
The example does not propose any solution yet.

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Nobody uses java serialization (previous post) for variables. At least I hope so.
Is json better?

How to support variable format differences across the versions?
:unamused: multiple if solution