Roadmap for 6.7.0

on the roadmap wiki, the next release 6.7.0 is mentioned as TBD. What are the timeline we can expect for releae of 6.7.0?
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Due to a massive amount of work this year (which is a good thing from a certain angle :wink: ), we’ve had to postpone it a few times. Right now our goal is to release it this month - but no promises.

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We currently have a couple of open contributions as Pull Requests:

Do you see chances that they will make it ino the 6.7.0 release? Even if it gets delayed

Hey @Stefan,

We have merged Minor cleanup of CallActivityBehavior by AlexanderWirthSAP · Pull Request #2749 · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub.

I’ve left a comment for Maps changed to ConcurrentHashMaps for SharedExecutorServiceAsyncExecutor by tinabandaloemruli · Pull Request #2863 · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub, I don’t see why we need to change the maps to ConcurrentHashMaps, perhaps you can help me understand it.

We’ll have a look at Fix wait state of asynchronous multi-instance activities by AlexanderWirthSAP · Pull Request #2831 · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub before the release as well. On first glance it looks good, but we need to have a deeper look, since we did some changes in that area recently as well.