Resume process after Connection refused: connect exception


I am implementing below attached workflow with REST API.

The intermediate timer caching event has some crone expression to trigger the HTTP task and the HTTP task has connected back to the timer to perform in a loop.

If the HTTP task could find the mentioned request URL it is throwing an exception Connection refused: connect and Terminating the Process.

I don’t want the process to get terminated even if the HTTP task couldn’t able to hit. What changes I need to do in the modeler or in the HTTP task. The only intention is to keep the process alive.

@amporsim @joram please give suggestions.


What is the expected behavior? What I would currently expect is that timer is executed x times (based on retry times configuration) and after that job is put into dead letter queue.


Process instance should not die. or even if it dies, is there a webhook where we get to know by REST and to resume it.

I am getting following error

We are sending notifications to the customer on HTTP request mentioned in HTTP task.

If the job is moved to the dead letter queue you can resume the job by