REST: Task query:Get subset of process variables

Dear all.

Although we’re still not using Flowable (we still use Activiti with some customizations and still haven’t had the time to migrate)…

is there a way to get a subset of process variables.

Use case: we store some quite big data in process variables (bad practice?) and showing paged task list requires to include all variables in task query or none and doing a separate call for each variable we want to display.

With separate variable query (2 variables): 21 queries, initial task query: 18k
With included variables: 1 query: 390k.

It would be very handy if we could specify a list of variable names to get. This could be mapped into a “in (…)” SQL query.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.

Hey Erny,

I don’t see reason why it shouldn’t be possible to add something to the ProcessInstanceQuery or TaskQuery that would allow to include a subset of the variables.

The method can be something like includeProcessVariables(String... variableNames) or includeProcessVariables(Collection<String> variablesNames).

Is this a feature that would prioritise your time to do the migration to Flowable :wink:?