REST API authentication - existing users fail, but a non-existing user passes

Hi all,
The REST API is acting strange. I can send api calls with the user/pw kermit:kermit (which doesn’t exist in my install anywhere, but it is in the REST API docs examples). I cannot send any api calls via any valid existing user (I get 401 error, user unauthorized). This applies to all users, including admin. I’ve dumped the database and searched for “kermit” and there’s nothing.

For example, this curl command from the docs authenticates fine, but if I change the user/pw to an actual user then it doesn’t authenticate:
curl --user kermit:kermit vice/management/engine

Apart from this, the users I’ve created can login/logout of all of the UI apps fine, and the kermit user can’t since there is no user named kermit.

How can I fix this?

v6.2.1, mysql 5.7, fresh install

I’ve fixed this by manually updating the file at /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/WEB-INF/classes to change from an h2 to mysql configuration. I assumed that the file inside /usr/local/tomcat/lib would override the db config as it does for the UI apps, but it doesn’t.