Rerun Failed Job

I am using RuntimeService to trigger process .
We have a use case where the process might fail in one of the service task because of bad data . User wants to have a capability to retrigger the failed process (to restart from the service task where it failed) after fixing the data . I want to build end point (using RuntimeService preferably) to do that .
Any suggestion what will be best way of achieving that ( api/method etc ?)


Hey @sd2040,

I think that you are looking for ManagementService#moveJobToDeadLetterJob(String). Once a an async service task fails 3 (can be configured) times then a deal letter job is created. To continue the process you need to move the dead letter job to the executable.


Thanks @filiphr. I will test it out.

Hi @filiphr
How to move dead letter jobs to the executable?


ManagementService#moveDeadLetterJobToExecutableJob(String jobId, int retries)