Remove default admin user completely

i am running flowable ui apps (6.4.1) with postgesql.
I did not make any change in properties file of each app instead i added a new file in lib folder of tomcat.
here’s how it looks like


I am adding rest dependency in my spring application so updated the deployment url as well.
All necessary privileges are created along with the default admin user. now every thing works fine with admin user.
I created a new user and assigned all privileges to it and logged in using that. it is also working fine but as long as admin has all the privileges. i.e. if that user has the “access-admin” privilege but “admin” doesn’t. i cannot access the admin application (redirects to login).

i looked into admin’s properties file and removed these properties

and after i wasn’t able to access the admin-app even with admin user.

So is there a way to get rid of these hard coded admin user properties from each app?

What’s stopping you from renaming the user to the user you want iin the properties file?
The bootstrap configuration will create an admin user which, AFAICT, is required for the REST app.