Receive email in FLowable


We have a usecase which is, complete an human task based on received email. Like process sends an email notification for user to respond, user will respond with approved or rejected over email, based on that human task will be completed.


No, that’s not available out of the box in Flowable OSS (the enterprise version does have support for this). You will need to write this integration yourself and pass the right event into the instance.

Thanks Joram,

For enterprise edition, is it the IMAP listener you are referring to. Or is there any other option available.

Yes: the mail is exposed as an event in CMMN/BPMN on receival.

Hi, I couldn´t find any documentation on how to create a process instance based on a received email. Is it this feature available? I´m using the enterprise version.

Please use the enterprise forum for this.

To answer your question: see How-To: Receive Email · Flowable Enterprise Documentation