ProcessDefinition i18n

I want to retrieve i18n name of process definition by following code:

ProcessDefinition def = repositoryService.getProcessDefinition(processDefinitionId);

then something like def.getLocalizedName();

We speak russian and native language. So our requirement is to get name in english, russian and native language.
How can i achieve this.

Hi Jisqaqov,

The RepositoryService (and the ProcessDefinitionQuery class) currently do not support retrieving a localized name or description for a process definition. Therefore the only way to retrieve the values would be by implementing some custom logic. This functionality is something we would consider adding to the Flowable Engine in future versions. In the meantime, we are open to community contributions so feel free to submit a pull request for the desired functionality.


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Hello. Thank you for your response. We are looking forward for new releases of flowable bpm.

I’ve opened the following issue for this feature request:

Great. Thanks a lot.