Person and group variable not saved

Hello i’m new with flowable. I had created 2 user tasks, all variables are passed from task 1 to task 2 except people and group variables.

Hello, welcome to flowable.
What do you mean people and group variables? you defined them as task variables inside task? if you define and set them, they must pass on to the next task as other variables. if you mean you added candidate group/user to a task the answer is no. each task can have candidate user/group independent of other tasks.

I created a user task in the form of this task I added variables of type text, person and group. All String variables are saved and available on complete in DelegateTask but the person and group variables are null. I work with version 6.4.

Well if you put variables inside tasks and pass them to other task they shouldn’t be null at all. What do you need those group/users variables for? do you need them for candidate user/group or user assignee? if you do need them, you can add identityLink to your tasks by the task service. I assume you want to set the candidate or assignee of the next task, in this case: use TaskService and add them as candidate, also note that you are going to need the next Task ID to do this. after that the next task will be ready to go.