Parsing GraphQL responses


Does anyone have suggestions for parsing GraphQL formatted JSON into something I can use in a dropdown list?

I’ve so far been using REST APIs and the modeler-ui app but could learn how to add custom java to a docker container if need be?


  "data": {
    "allUsers": [
        "id": "ck1d2h7ug042o01789cc2p88f",
        "name": "hahahaahah"

I am also interested in parsing json with flowable expression language.

Is there any example ?

My crude approach so far has been to use some simple Groovy commands in a script task:


where response is the result of the HTTP (REST) task saved as a process variable. This only works for boxed JSON such as:

    "id": ["ck1d2h7ug042o01789cc2p88f],
    "name": ["hahahaahah],

so doesn’t help with the GraphQL format above.

If you are using HTTP task and save the entire response as a variable then this is stored as a Jackson JsonNode. This means that in order to access the name of the first user you can try using data.allUsers[0].name (this is not tested)