Override Bean definition in Spring boot 2.2.0

Hi, I am using the flowable-modeler in my application and I wanted to make some changes in a few properties, like changing the input from text to dropdown.

For example: DelegateExpression property of ServiceTask.
For this purpose, I was trying to load my custom stencilset_bpmn.json. To do this I need to stop the default load that happens by flowable using StencilSetResource.
I was thinking of overriding the bean definition of StencilSetResource would solve my problem. This was done in one of my previous applications by introducing a property spring.main.allow-bean-definition-overriding=true. In that application, spring-boot version was 2.1.7. But looks like this does not work in spring boot version 2.2.0.

I have tried a few things to override the bean definition of StencilSetResource, which I have mentioned in this stackoverflow question.
This question shows how I have loaded my workflow.properties file and the way I am trying to override bean definition of StencilSetResource. Also, the code in StencilSetResource which I am including in my application code is the same as the one from flowable. Change is only in stencilset_bpmn.json.

But so far I get the same exception of ConflictingBeanDefinitionException.
Has anyone else tried to override any bean definition, which is provided by flowable by default in spring-boot version 2.2.0 and successful in doing so?

Have you found a solution to your problem yet? From a quick search, the spring.main.allow-bean-definition-overriding property is still supported - but it seems that it needs to be in the original application.properties.

Yea, I created another application and added flowable from start, spring.main.allow-bean-definition-overriding property works. So, the issue is I encountered is more on my application side. All fine on the flowable side.