org.flowable.common.engine.impl.javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Cannot resolve identifier 'MyField'

hi there,
i am running a DMN engine to execute my decision rules,
the issue is follows -
dmn rule in json format is
“output1”: “8219d481-5ec3-4f42-8c50-8fc2016cbd69”,
“input1”: “${CodeType==‘a5d9f842-7c46-48b5-bbae-0057a2212a69’&&CodeFieldType==’“null”’}”
note: i am using juel expressions here
now my input data is
data = {CodeType:‘a5d9f842-7c46-48b5-bbae-0057a2212a69’,some other values…
the thing is that is my input data doesn’t have field CodeFieldType but my rule has field CodeFieldType.

in this case it will definitely throw error saying property not found,
but what i want is that my rules should still execute by ignoring the fields which are mention in input data,
is there any way to do it like in default it should set null or empty values when there are no fields mentioned in input data but rules do exists the field.



In short; no; this is currently not possible.
When using custom expressions this will indeed result in a PropertyNotFoundException.
There is some custom pre processing implemented for specific variable types (f.e. boolean) but this only for variables declared as input / output variables.

We’re open for PRs that make this behaviour pluggable. F.e. the PropertyNotFound exception handling.
Or create an issue for it so that we can evaluate this.



how can i create issue for it?


On GitHub you can create the issue.