Need Some Direction on how to Extend (Extension Elements) a UserTask

We need to add some information to all UserTasks

  • a list of valid values actually, like ‘ABC’, ‘DEF’, ‘GHI’ can be associated with a task in a model
  • in a subsequent version of the model the values might change to be ‘ABC’, ‘JKL’ and so forth

So we could populate the element in the modeler and
then extract that info from the model at runtime

As far as i can tell the way to do this is via Extension Element
and modifying the code for UserTaskJsonConverter (although this seems to be the model to XML part)

is there a step by step guide or recommended way to accomplish this, i dont see much in the way of documentation on how to do this properly.

If there is a way to do this without modifying the project source, we would greatly prefer that …

and where would i find Stencilset.json ? which i saw referenced as needing to be changed as part of the extension element addition process

Such data would indeed go into an extension element. The repositoryService.getBpmnModel() can then be used to look up the UserTask and get the extension elements. However, afaics currently the modeler does not have the option to set these (nor is it planned for the short-term).