Need slide bar/ scroller option in Flowable-task

Hello Team,

I am facing problems when I publish an app with more than around 50 models.
Once published, to select the particular start model is impossible as the selection is outside the screen of visibility.

If we have an option of scroll in flowable-task, we can easily navigate to the particular start model and start our flow.

Well wisher

The primary focus of the developers is the core engines. The UI apps like Task receive some attention but are heavily dependent on community contributions. I’m sure a pull request would be welcome if this is something you’d like to contribute.

Dear William,

we do have the same issue but even worse. We have some 1500 process models in our App… What do you mean with a pull request? Is there any specific method or platform to subject a development request? Or is it already considered a pull request when I place my wish here in this thread?
I am not at all a techie or a developer, but to have a scrollbar or a search field does not seem to be a huge effort for someone who is familiar with the application.

What exactly do you suggest me to do to get this and where/how do I have to request it?