Need Flowable API to get Pending Task list. Currently API is returning Ready task only

Hi Team,

We need your help to get a flowable API which returns Ready and Pending Task. Currently, we locate flowable API which returns only Ready task.

Even we have explored below flowable tables which show Ready and Completed task/activities


Seeking your support to resolve the Pending task issue.

Appreciate your input for the same.

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by “Pending Tasks”?

Hi William,

Pending tasks mean tasks are not yet in the ready stage. Once all predecessor tasks are completed then the task will come into the ready stage. And once an actor act on the ready task then the task moves to the completed stage. Task changes the status of any follower tasks that directly depend on the task just completed from Pending to Ready

For example in a flow, we are taking about
If there are 6 task with sequential task.

  1. When T1 is ready than all remaining task will be Pending stage(T2 to T6).
  2. When T1 is completed than T2 will become Ready and remaining task will be Pending stage(T3 to T6)
  3. When T4 is completed than T5 will become Ready and T6 task will be Pending stage

Hope you are clear with pending task

Can you let us know how we can get these pending task in flowable

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Hi Team,

Waiting for your response. Kindly let us know if you know how to get Pending task


There is no simple way in Flowable to list tasks that have not occurred yet. Tasks are not created until execution gets to them and the engine makes no assumption about what tasks are upcoming or even what the next task is until the last task is complete. Due things to gateways, conditional sequence flows, multi-instance tasks, and workflows that iterate multiple times by looping back on themselves, knowing what tasks are coming up is very difficult, if not impossible without limiting processes or making assumptions.

For you, your best alternative is to retrieve and parse the model, find the currently active task and follow the sequence flows out of it.

thanks William for update