Mysql liquibase error

I’ve configured my flowable app to connect to Mysql.
I got this error :

Caused by: liquibase.exception.MigrationFailedException: Migration failed for change set org/flowable/content/db/liquibase/flowable-content-db-changelog.xml::1::activiti:
*** Reason: liquibase.exception.DatabaseIncapableOfOperation: Using a TIMESTAMP data type with a fractional precision of 6 is not supported on mysql: A timestamp datatype with 6 fractional digits was requested, but MySQL only supports 0 digits.***

could you help me please

Hey @pmonsan,

Which version of MySQL are you using?


Hi Filiphr,

I’m using MySQL 5.1.36 with flowable 6.4.1

Philippe M.

Starting from MySql version 5.6.4 +, fraction part is allowed in timestamp, for older versions Mysql doesn’t support any fractional variables but in migrations script we are trying to specify that we need 6 decimal precision which is causing this issue

this is there in lowable-content-db-changelog.xml

<column name="LAST_MODIFIED_" type="timestamp(6)" />

Is there a reason to use such an old version of MySQL?
I’m afraid that (except for changing the changelog xml in the jar or overriding it on the classpath) there’s not much to be done about this (as Liquibase automatically detects the database).