Multiinstance in flowable open source not available

I found this new feature on the flowable(dot)com version, where there is a way to establish some multi-instance task assigned to different users.
Use case: Having to comment on the same task

What I found initially was that in the article (Multi Instance Variable Aggregation) there is no description of how they store the users’ collection, the ones that will be assigned to that multi-instance task. To do that, there is a subform requirement, which is not available in my environment. Does anyone know if that issue is related to every environment on the open source version?

Hi Reinhard,
There are many features of the commercial version of Flowable that are not available in the Open Source version. Advanced Forms which include the sub for implementation are one of these.
With that said, the structure you are looking for is a simple Java Collection or List.
You can set this up using a service task, taskListener or using a groovy script.

e.g. List vowels = new ArrayList<>();

You can now use this list as your collection to iterate over.
But you should really look into the commercial version as it adds full JSON support so you can use JSON arrays for this as well.

Hey @reinhardstege and @gdharley,

In the blog post the Get application details task is used to collect the json array for the reviewers. These Form components are available in the enterprise, but the functionality to use a JSON Array for the Multi Instance collection is available in Open Source as well.